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User: Dongfanghong grain dryer is really awesome

  In mid October, with the corn storage season, Oriental red dryer product service personnel came to Luoyang Yanshi users boss Wang home, visit the 2 sets of 5H-15 circulating type grain drying machine, boss Wang said that since the host has no any fault, running in good condition.

  The end of August this year, the user with the psychological test purchased 2 sets of 5H-15 circulating type grain drying machine, mainly solves the problem to grow their own corn late storage mildew, and processing. Now basically drying nearly 100 tons of corn, after testing the moisture content of less than 15%, this year the storage of corn will no longer appear mildew phenomenon.

  Corn kernels for drying operation

  Talking about the use of dryer, Wang boss is satisfied with the products, installation and service of Dongfanghong drying machine. Since the user after the delivery of the deposit, the factory arrange collaborative users looking for host installation site, to jointly organize, measure the terrace, from the host to the installation location, installation personnel quickly in place, 10 hours of continuous work until 2 a.m. assembly is completed, the day just 1 hours of debugging success, we are hand in hand the training of technical personnel and the US 2 corn drying furnace before leaving, service personnel every 3 days to call back, for staff guidance, two hours in place, save a lot of heart.
  The need to appreciate is the efficiency of Dongfanghong grain drying machine, use really awesome, with coal heating and drying of grain per kilogram costs less than 5 cents US foreign processing charges 6 cents per kilogram, very competitive, the Yellow River to the north of the user using a brand-name dryer to pay up to 1 cents per kilogram, I know the local users where the cost is so low, have to come, but the processing capacity is limited, the next loan formalities after intends to purchase 2 sets of Dongfanghong 20 tons of grain drying machine. This article is from one Trailer (Luoyang) handling machinery


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